Taz  Bouchier  gets the job done!


Believes in a  Democratic society where all people of every race, every culture have equal opportunity to be represented within the municipal level of Government despite differences of cultural norms, languages and customs.

And she is able to balance her professional responsibilities with a value and respect for the dignity of all the people she serves. In her endeavors to represent the people of Ward 6 as a City Councillor, Taz Bouchier is making history as the first visible minority woman to be nominated as a candidate for City Council of Edmonton and should she succeed, she will be the First Indigenous woman on City Council!


As a long term resident of Edmonton, Taz recognizes the value of long term planning. She believes that a balance can be achieved between historical  architecture and modern d├ęcor, maintaining the best of the past while transitioning towards the future. 


Quote: "It is not for myself that I do what I do, but for the younger people who will benefit from the decisions I make . It truly is imperative that we as a people consider what we build and it's impact environmentally on future generations."

                                                              Taz Bouchier


  • Former Elder for the Edmonton Remand Centre

  • Cultural Competency Trainer for Solicitor General of Alberta

  • Social Work Graduate

  • Experienced in Legislation, Policies, Corrections, and Program Development

  • Cultural Competency & Inclusion

  • Business Planning within the Corporate sector

  • Resided in the City of Edmonton for 49 years

  • Board of Director for various non-profit organizations

  • Small Business Owner

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Richard Douglas Brinkman:  Taz is one of the many activists to whom I've gotten to know, grown to respect and have had the privilege and honour to capture her tireless activism at work using social media youtube as a Civil Information Activist. I think if elected Taz will bring to City Hall a network of connection to many community leaders and activists from all walks of life representing many different concerns and causes. Taz has shown us her relentless drive as a community leader protecting and preserving the rights and freedoms of others while preserving and protecting our planet mother earth. With crime on a decreasing trend Taz will continue to add to that downward momentum with her focus on those most overlooked and forgotten in our society, the drug, alcohol addicted and homelessness. Taz will add to the momentum for a more friendly environmentally healthier city to live in as a committed protector of the earth





Ward 6 would do well to elect Taz Bouchier as their representitive!   I have known Taz for 7 years both through work, and as an Elder in the Aboriginal Community.  She is a woman who never tires of helping others.  It became really clear to me after first meeting her that she is a woman who walks her talk and lives by her principals which involve postively influencing and helping the community she lives in.  Taz is a woman who is honest and straight forward, what you see is what you get!   A person could spend hours talking about all the projects she has been involved with and the countless hours she has spent working as an Elder in the community but let's suffice it to say; her honesty, determination and dedication to working with others will be bonus for all Edmontonians!  
Michelle Labossiere-Tekpoh


One of the easiest ways to tell if a politician, or any person is pandering to you is that they will not challenge you or make you uncomfortable. They will uphold the status quo. Taz doesn't do this, she addresses uncomfortable topics and challenges others to do the same.
Progress and change do not come from remaining in our comfort zones. We need to challenge ourselves and those around us. We need leaders that can face uncomfortable situations without being reactionary. We can't afford to uphold the status quo any longer.
Taz is honoured in circles that value social justice and humanitarianism. Her work is done with people, with compassion and with actual integrity.


Penny Peradis




                                          ELECT TAZ BOUCHIER  WARD 6